spes agents

what we expect from our spes global agents

  • Promote and market SPES Global
  • Promote SPES in local markets on social media and through word of mouth
  • Stay well-informed about SPES Global updates and services
  • Build strong and trusting relationships with clients and team members

what benefits you get as a spes global agent

  •  Receive commission for client recruitment
  • Gain an opportunity to work with dedicated individuals who aim to help innovators and entrepreneurs pursue their passions
  • Use your knowledge to help develop existing business ventures as well as establish new businesses
  • Become a part of a professional global trend of building sustainable businesses through international collaborations
  • Exercise the ability to contribute to the local business development within your local market through the use of the SPES Global network
  • Get personal access to the SPES Global network for your future business endeavors
  • Join an international network of people from over 32 countries  




As a Marketing intern you will be responsible for developing a strong brand image for SPES Global and that of the company’s clients. 


As a Market Research intern for SPES Global you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing market data and information that is valuable to SPES Global and its clients. 


As a Strategy Development intern for SPES Global you will be responsible for contributing to short-term as well as long-term strategic organizational decisions. 


As a Graphic Design intern for SPES Global you will be responsible for working with the marketing team in internal design initiatives, internal marketing, branding, and opportunities to work with clients (projects) 






If you are interested in the concept of collaboration, networking, sharing the SPES Global vision, and want to become a SPES Agent we kindly ask you to send your resume and/or CV to our COO, Karoline Hegbom k.hegbom@spesglobal.com