we assist, advise, and build businesses 

SPES Global is a business development firm, providing marketing, managerial, and networking opportunities to individuals and organisations in order to help them turn great ideas into tangible businesses. Through networking and professional expertise, SPES Global helps individuals who lack the resources, education, and manpower to reach their full potential. The firm does this by offering crucial market research, and by connecting its clients to external businesses and experts within SPES´ trusted international network. Using the firm´s marketing and managerial support, SPES executes a promising business and marketing strategy that is designed to be highly mobilised in order to reach foreign markets for the clients. 


SPES Global was founded in Switzerland by three international business developers, currently based and operating out of the US. The three founders, who are originally from Afghanistan, Norway, and the US, attended university in Switzerland for four years, where they built a strong international network with students, professors, and business experts from all over the world. 


SPES Global´s core competencies stem from the founders´ diverse cultural background and their global professional network. The firm´s strongest personal competence is its diverse range of consultants from more than 30 countries. SPES Global´s network enables the firm to create a common and shared value with their clients, while helping its clients´ businesses grow in a globalized world. 

Just start. Don’t wait for perfection. Just start & let the work teach you
— David Lawrence